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Organically recycled & Peat Free!


Greenleaf soil conditioner is a high quality natural product which results from a controlled  composting process of Green Waste and Horse Manure. 

Organic matter is a key indicator of soil quality. It improves the water-holding capacity of sandy soils and aids drainage in heavy soils.

Regular use of Greenleaf soil conditioner helps to retain moisture in the soil, improves soil structure and can lead to long term yield increase.

Purchasing a PAS100 (& CQP ‘Compost Quality Protocol’) certified soil conditioner ensures the quality of the product and assures end users that their compost product meets official quality standards and is safe. For more information please visit our PAS100 & CQP Certification Page.

  • Improves soil structure

  • Improved drainage, reduces run off

  • Improved soil fertility

  • Reduction in soil compaction

  • Improves soil water holding 

  • Increase in micro organisms

  • 100% sustainable


> As a soil conditioner for vegetables and bedding plants: incorporate 2" - 3" with the top 6" of soil
> To mulch: 2" compost spread over soil around the plants
> Lawn top dressing: 2 - 3 litres per square metre and brush into surface

Product Information and Input Supplier Agreement

To download a copy of our product information sheet / input supplier agreement please click here.

One PAS100 Inspector, visiting our site, said:

“One of the best samples I’ve seen in Great Britain”. 

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Ring us on 01670 823042 to place your order or click here to order online

Commercial Bulk Purchases

Loose Pick-Up Load Greenleaf Compost

Ideal For: 

  • Vegetable Plots

  • Flower Beds

  • Planting Trees & Shrubs

  • Mulching Shrub Beds

  • Top Dressing Lawns



For large bulk purchases please contact Dan Straughan:


Phone - 01670 823042

Email -

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