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Our onsite Green Waste Disposal Centre at Lane Farm (Bedlington, NE22 6AA) provides a convenient, competitive and safe service.


We accept cash and card payments.



Open 6 days a week

(Mon-Fri)   7:30am - 5:00pm 

(Sat)           8:00am - 4:00pm


Green Waste Disposal Prices

We accept clean green waste ONLY

Green Waste Load Prices 2024_page-0001.jpg

Other Accepted Waste Types & Sizes:

Loose Green Waste (excluding VAT)

  • 12-14 Yard Skip - £47.00

  • 20 Yard Skip - £72.00

  • 4 Yard Skip - £25.00

  • 40 Yard Skip - £144.00

  • 6-Wheeler - £60.00

  • 8-Wheeler - £72.00

  • Artic - £188.00

  • 8 Yard Skip - £30.00

Tree Trunks/Stumps (excluding VAT)

  • Transit - £95.00

  • 8 Yard Skip - £200.00

  • 8-Wheeler - £385.00

(Please note, these prices are for the disposal of waste at Lane Farm, not prices for hire)

We require all of our suppliers to comply with our 'input supplier agreement', including our site rules. You can read a copy of this agreement here.


Greenleaf Recycling reserves the right to refuse, and record, any load containing forbidden materials.


We accept: 

- Leaves

- Hedge / Tree Cuttings

- Branches

- Grass Cuttings

We DO NOT accept:

x- Soils or Clay

x- Rubbish/Non-degradable materials 

x- Metal

x- Plastic

x- Treated/Painted Wood

x- Japanese Knot Weed

x- Himalayan Balsam Weed

x- Green Waste treated with herbicides containing active ingredients Clopyralid and Picloram.


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