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PAS 100 & CQP Certification


When creating a quality soil conditioner you need to actively manage the composting process.

This page provides an overview of the PAS 100 & CQP (Compost Quality Protocol), the standard that we work to in order to deliver a quality product.

The Business Resource Efficiency and Waste (BREW) Programme, the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and the Environment Agency (EA) in consultation with industry and other regulatory stakeholders developed the Quality Protocol for the Production and Use of Quality Compost from Source-Segregated Biowaste' (referred to in brief as the Compost Quality Protocol or CQP). 

What is PAS 100 & CQP?

​PAS 100 is now the recognised standard within the UK composting industry for the production of compost and soil conditioners.


What is the purpose of PAS100 & CQP?


  • Clarifying the point at which waste management controls are no longer required (‘waste’ having been changed into a quality soil conditioner)

  • Providing users with confidence that the quality compost from source-segregated biodegradable waste they purchase conforms to an approved standard

  • Protecting human health and preventing pollution of the environment (including soil).

  • PAS 100 and the CQP give the customer an assurance of quality and traceability via an independent assessment during the production cycle of the compost.


In addition, the Quality Protocol describes good practice for the storage, handling, application and use.

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Our most recent compost test results

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