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We're always excited to hear our customer's results and feedback
from using Greenleaf Compost and Soil Conditioner.
To tell us your story, please email us at, or join us on Facebook and share it there - @GreenleafRecyclingNorthumberland


Mark Rolls from Earsdon Plant Centre said-


Greenleaf is proving to be my customers preferred choice when buying compost or soil improver. They are really happy with its green and organic roots together with its ability to produce bumper crops either in the flower or vegetable border.”


 Steve McMillan, Blyth Allotment Holder, Sept 2018


“After spending 30 years on offshore oil rigs, I finally retired. I have always wanted an allotment, so when I got one; I was delighted. 

But my delight was short lived. I soon found a big problem. The soil was solid clay!

To get around this, I made raised beds and filled them all with Straughan’s, Greenleaf Compost & Soil Conditioner.


The Dahlias and Veg have thrived, I’ve never known soil like it- Absolute rocket fuel and it’s cheap!  3 bags for £10 or get it in bulk, like my fellow allotment holders and I do.  


Give them a ring, the staff are very friendly and helpful.


The soil is that good, I have just won ‘Blyth In Bloom’ for the second year in a row!”

Kevin Newton of Tyneside based Groundsmans Services said-


“I have used Greenleaf since it first became available for a variety of uses including goalmouth repair, mulching beds and creating raised vegetable beds, it has always been reliable in delivering the plant growth and vigour needed.”


Kevin added “the customer focus from price, advice and delivery is first class”

Jack from Warkworth Said-


"Just wanted to thank you for the prompt delivery great service and quality of the topsoil which was delivered yesterday


More than this I wanted to praise all of the staff that helped me during my enquiry. It is seldom that I have experienced such a polite and efficient service. All three of the people that I spoke to during this transaction were extremely helpful and polite.  A true pleasure to deal with.  It makes all the difference and I would not have any hesitation to recommend. 


Thanks again for great service and please thank your staff" 


One PAS100 Inspector, visiting our site, said “one of the best samples I’ve seen in Great Britain”. 

Mandy Allotment tenant in Tynemouth said-


“I have used Greenleaf to top dress my fruit and vegetable beds in April of the past 2 years. The soil is much better for holding water and my crops have flourished!”


Jean from Ashington said-

"I used Greenleaf Compost in my patio pots for the first time this year with amazing results, I haven't needed to feed them and look at the results.

Greenleaf Compost just keeps producing a multitude of flowers and I am not vigilant at watering them, just every few days. Most composts I have used before dry out very quickly and I have had to feed with Miracle Grow every couple of weeks to get good results.


Greenleaf Compost is ideal for a lazy gardener like me!"

Duika - Chairperson of the Station Master’s Community Garden in Whitley Bay said-


“The purchase of a loose pick-up load of Greenleaf has made me a popular person! The load was used to improve the soil in all our vegetable plots and raised beds. The improvement to the soils texture and the increased crop yield has been noticeable.

Sean at Southlands School said-


We use Greenleaf Soil Conditioner and Manure for our school garden.


The quality of the product is exceptional, we often get comments from visitors on the quality of our soil and how it helps our garden project. Thank you, we'll continue to use you for our future plans.

Thanks, Sean @ Southlands School. (EPICC Garden Project)

With Greenleaf Compost

Without Greenleaf Compost

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Brian from Byker said-


"I do not have much garden space to grow potatoes so I bought some bags of Greenleaf and grew some straight into the bag. The potatoes have really clean skin and a great taste. The amount of potatoes from each bag was far more than I was expecting"

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