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'A Black Beauty of a Compost'

Greenleaf Recycling Limited was formed in 2012 and is part of the Lane Farm group of businesses.

Greenleaf Compost and Soil Conditioner is a NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash) rich product. Our natural composting process addresses a number of environmental issues including:

•    preventing greenwaste and horse manure going to landfill
•    helping to move away from peat based composts
•    reducing the local carbon footprint for greenwaste recycling

The finished product is a 100% organically recycled product which is 100% sustainable.

The key to our unique process is the layering Shredded Green Waste with Horse Manure (produced from our onsite Livery Yard). You can find out more about our composting process here

We are a sustainable alternative to mainstream peat based compost products. You can find out more about the UK Government’s plan here.

Our processes are regulated by the Environment Agency and the PAS 100 certification process.

Greenleaf Compost and Soil Conditioner is available in dumpy bags or bulk loose loads.


Dispose of your greenwaste and purchase compost in one trip

Green Waste Disposal

Greenwaste Disposal

Competitive prices, open 6 days a week at Lane Farm, Bedlington.


Compost Sales

Organic, 100% sustainable, compost available in loose loads and dumpy bags. Ring us today, or shop online.

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